User Policies of Spartan Horse Media Ltd.

1. User-Generated Content (UGC):

a. Users are encouraged to share their automotive passions, stories, images, and videos on Spartan Horse Media Ltd's platforms. However, they are expected to adhere to our published content policies which guide behaviour and communication online.
b. Users affirm that all content posted is their original creation or they have obtained appropriate permissions to post it.
c. Spartan Horse Media Ltd reserves the right to remove any content that we believe violates copyright laws, involves drugs, gambling, sex, or any other illegal activities.

2. Advertisements:

a. There are no third-party ads on our platforms.
b. Users may encounter promotional content from Dealers and Brands that have purchased memberships.

3. Data & Privacy:

a. User data is treated with utmost respect and confidentiality. Personal data is never shared with third parties.
b. Our platforms are hosted on secure Google Cloud servers, and all data is encrypted to ensure the privacy and security of our users' information.

4. Registration & Memberships:

a. To fully enjoy DriveGT offerings, users are required to register. The process involves providing personal details, verifying one's email, and proceeding with the chosen membership's payment procedure, if applicable.
b. Users have the option of a free (Basic) membership or a paid (Pro) membership. The Pro membership offers additional features and benefits. Dealers and Brands have their respective memberships with associated benefits.
c. Cancellation and refund policies differ between Users, Dealers, and Brands. For specifics, please refer to our detailed terms.

5. Platform Usage & Features:

a. Users can post, like, share, comment, reply, and interact with other members. They can set up their personal garage, showcase their vehicles, and share this on other social networks or the "Street Feed" within DriveGT.
b. Users can list cars for sale in the Marketplace. Different user types have varying allowances for car listings.
c. The Car Shorts feature is exclusively available on our mobile app, allowing users to view a vertical stream of car visuals and engage with them via likes, comments, and shares.
d. Users can visit our online e-shop to purchase DriveGT merchandise. All transactions are securely processed via Shopify.

6. Restrictions & Responsibilities:

a. The minimum age for registration is 16 years.
b. Any links to third-party sites posted by users, dealers, or brands are not directly affiliated with Spartan Horse Media Ltd. When navigating to third-party websites, users are subject to the terms and privacy policies of those sites.
c. We strive for 98% platform uptime, with a possible 2% downtime for routine maintenance and updates.
d. Users are fully responsible for any content they upload. In the case of a dispute or copyright claim, the liability rests on the individual who posted the content, not Spartan Horse Media Ltd.

7. Dispute Resolution:

All disputes arising out of or in relation to the platform's usage shall be resolved through arbitration as per the terms set in our detailed terms and conditions.