Marketplace Ad Policies

1. Introduction

This document outlines the policies governing the use of the Spartan Horse Media Ltd. car marketplace. All entities listing cars for sale are expected to adhere strictly to these policies.

2. Eligibility for Listing

a. Users: Users with either a Basic or Pro membership are eligible. Basic members get one free car listing, while Pro members have the option for additional paid listings.
b. Dealers: Dealers with the Ultimate Dealer Club Membership can list an unlimited number of cars.
c. Brands: Brands are not eligible for car listings in the marketplace.

3. Car Listing Procedure

a. Sellers must choose the brand, model, generation, series, and trim. Once these steps are completed, relevant car data specifications auto-fill the listing.
b. Sellers can then add photos, videos, or audio clips to enrich the listing.
c. The listing, once live, is viewable by the global audience of Spartan Horse Media Ltd. and will be automatically showcased on the 'Street Feed'.

4. Communication & Privacy

a. All communication regarding a listing should preferably occur within the Spartan Horse Media Ltd. platform.
b. Sellers have the option to display their email or phone number. However, Spartan Horse Media Ltd. holds no liability for communications or interactions outside of the platform. We strongly recommend that sellers use the platform's internal communication features for safety and privacy.

5. Payments for Additional Listings

Users desiring to list more than their allocated number of cars (beyond the free listing) will undergo a payment process through Stripe. All transactions are encrypted, and card details are not retained by Spartan Horse Media Ltd.

6. Buying and Selling Policies

a. Spartan Horse Media Ltd. only provides a platform for listing and does not partake in the transaction between buyer and seller. Thus, we aren't responsible for the quality, safety, legality, or details of the listed cars.
b. All negotiations, terms, and final sales agreements are solely between the buyer and seller.
c. Spartan Horse Media Ltd. is not liable for any disputes arising from transactions.

7. Content Authenticity

a. Sellers must ensure the authenticity and accuracy of their listing details.
b. Fraudulent or misleading listings will be removed. Repeated violations might result in account suspension.

8. Non-Involvement Policy

a. Spartan Horse Media Ltd. does not act as a broker, agent, or dealer. Our platform is merely a venue for users, dealers, and buyers to connect.
b. We do not guarantee sales, offer buyer protection, or provide payment/funding services.
c. All responsibilities concerning regulatory compliances, taxes, and legal stipulations related to the sale of a car rest with the seller and buyer.

9. Reporting & Support

Users can report suspicious listings or behaviours to [email protected] . Our team will review and take appropriate actions

These policies are meant to create a fair, safe, and trustworthy environment for our community. All members are encouraged to exercise caution and practice safe online behaviours.