Jaguar E-Type: The Most Beautiful Car Ever Made

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I grew up dreaming about cars. I liked everything that was based on mechanical, but especially cars. As anyone who has a hobby tends to classify and unconsciously generates preferences within your hobby, those pieces that you feel more identified, which will generate more desire, more accurately fit your character or more successfully filled deficiencies you have and often have not even reached identify. I have, of course, what is often called “dream garage” and would be delighted to have an entire acre with cars that have ever gotten spur my deepest instincts or get the creeps, which are many… But if I had to keep one would not have the slightest shadow of a doubt. Do you know what is for me “the most beautiful car ever made”?.

This is the Jaguar E-Type.

March 15, 1961: Geneva Auto Show. It was the time and place at which the E-Type was presented to the eyes of the world and was the day when an already established Italian manufacturer of racing cars racing and sports cars he uttered the words titled this post: “The Most Beautiful Car Ever Made”. It was none other than the Commendatore, neither more nor less than Enzo Ferrari.

Designed by aeronautical engineer Sir Malcolm Sayer, whose head and whose pen gave birth to the C-Type, D-Type, E-Type and the only competition prototype XJ-13 (destroyed in 1971 and rebuilt MIRA years later). Get outline a suggestive, sexy, arrogant, voluptuous, feline, powerful and suggestive line that was hailed unanimously from both sides of the Atlantic for so vehemently that was a real “viral” in times when even the photograph was in black and white. However there was nothing behind their designs were not the result of a careful rational and scientific process. He was a mathematician, perfectionist and shy artist, a conjunction of two extremes (art and science) that might seem contradictory but are closely linked and that when touched can produce explosions coldly emotion calculated to stimulate independent each fibers of our soul. Conjunction in a way that love at first sight with a function that makes every breath of air flow that cuts through the exact point of the sculptural body by having to go through, forming a very slight turbulence completely in love, having traveled so sensually beautiful surface… A turbulence stares wonderful stroking just behind to die in a silent sigh confused and silenced by the heavenly music that generate the bowels of Jaguar.

Surely the background so atypical that treasured Sayer was what prompted their neurons to imagine such a genius. Being the son of an art teacher and mathematics, his work as an aeronautical engineer at De Havilland and the Bristol Aeroplane Company during World War II, his love of music (playing the piano, guitar and other instruments), his experience as professor at the University of Baghdad and fatherhood of 3 children are some of the pillars on which his life experience colimaron the beam of his privileged genetics to project beyond the horizon and imagine settled the prettiest car ever it has been built. The Jaguar E-Type. The most beautiful car ever made.

Wizard of aerodynamics, metal sculptor, the man behind the curves, aerodynamics pioneer in cars… died young, a month before age 54, victim of a broken heart and maybe not get in life everything the recognition he deserved. Like other geniuses.

Thanks for your legacy, rest in peace, Malcolm Sayer.

PD: Someday I will tell you some secrets more about the E-Type, some that only someone as I can tell, in addition to admire someone who has it in his garage.

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