Terms and Conditions of DriveGT’s Vehicle Rental Service

In this section you find legal information on general conditions of booking and car rental DriveGT, so it is important to read and understand this document before book a car in DriveGT. If you do not agree with any of the conditions set forth herein, please do not reserve or rent any vehicle DriveGT’s vehicule.

Ownership and General
Governing Law and Venue
Age requirements and Driving License

Payment Options
Deposit for Rent
Return of the Deposit
Reservation System DriveGT
Requirements to Rent a Vehicle DriveGT
Fares and Charges

Additional Charges
Vehicles Delivery and Collection
Luggage Transfer
Additional Driver
Refueling Service Included
Contract Extension
Office Hours and Contact Phones
24h Roadside Assistance
Mobility and Usage Restrictions
Prices of Insurance and Coverage of Vehicules
Checking the Condition of the Vehicle

Ownership and General

The present Terms and Conditions of the booking service of DriveGT regulate vehicle bookings made via this website, owned by DriveGT SL, a company legally constituted in Spain, with CIF B-87161063, registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid, Tomo 33134, Folio 79, Section 8º, Page M-596284.

The Client who makes a booking to rent a vehicle through DriveGT.com, must read and accept the Terms and Conditions before accessing the service because the use by its Clients acknowledge adherence to the terms and conditions published by DriveGT on your Website.

Clients acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions described herein and the formalities necessary for booking the vehicle through DriveGT.com.

Governing Law and Venue

The Client expressly acknowledges and agrees that this legal notice represents the entire agreement between him and DriveGT incurred, whether oral or written in relation to the subject matter hereof.

This Legal Notice replaces and supersedes all previous proposals, correspondence, commitments or other communications, whether written or oral, between the Client and DriveGT regarding this Legal Notice.

In any litigation or attaching to Website DriveGT, will apply Spanish law, be competent for the resolution of all derivatives or related to use of this Website conflict, the Courts of Madrid city (Spain).

Age requirements and Driving License

At the time of signing the lease, upon delivery of the vehicle, the Client will have to be at least 25 years of age and class B driving license at least 12 months old.

Payment Options

Payment is done at the time of conclusion of the contract coinciding with the delivery of the vehicle by our Agent.

The means of payment accepted are:

  • Credit card: Visa, American Express and MasterCard.
  • Debit Card: Visa and 4B.
  • Wire transfer.
  • Cash.
  • Cheque guaranteed by the entity.

The driver must be in possession of your national identity card or passport. Clients from Schengen zone (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal countries , Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Sweden and Switzerland) will present the national ID from their country of origin or your passport well. Clients coming from other countries must present a passport to make the rent.

If payment is made by bank transfer, the Client must send an email with the proof of the payment to reservation@drivegt.com. The contract will not be effective and therefore will not deliver the vehicle while DriveGT has no record of receiving the transfer in your bank account.

For card payments, in case the cardholder and the driver are not the same person, it is necessary that both are present at the signature of the lease and are credited with valid documents (identity card or passport).

Deposit for Rent

Regardless of the form of payment chosen by the Client, at the formalization of the rental, DriveGT will request a deposit to cover excesses of the coverages for damage (CDW) and theft (TP), unless the Client has contracted comprehensive insurance GT-Cover, plus an additional amount, which depends on the vehicle to cover any additional charges that may occur at the time of its return.

This additional amount is posted in the vehicle Files. The deposit can be deposited using any of the above forms of payment. If payment is made by credit card, it is very important that the Client previously ensure that the limit will not be exceeded when DriveGT perform the charge of the contracted rental service plus the deposit.

Client may need to use more than one card. If the Client use debit card, must ensure that will there are sufficient funds in its account to cover the charge for contracted rental services plus the amount of the bond, and not exceeded your daily payment limit.

The deposit is calculated based on the amount of contracted services without discounts or promotions.

Return of the Deposit

DriveGT refund the deposit at the time of vehicle return after deducting any Additional Charges in which may be incurred by the Client, in the same way that has been paid and provided the vehicle has not been damaged or has been stolen.

If the Client has not contracted the all risk insurance GT-Cover and vehicle suffered damage or was subtracted out, DriveGT will retain the full amount of the insurance excess until resolution of the insurance company. If after the intervention of the insurance company the Client is exempted from liability, DriveGT refunded the amount retained, otherwise and when it comes to damage to the vehicle, the difference between the retained amount of the exemption and the cost of repair will be refunded.

In case of loss, theft or damage to any of the rented Extras or documentation, the following amounts will be discount from the deposit depending: documentation €50, GoPro Camera €290, €90 Mobile Wifi, GPS €160.

Reservation System DriveGT

To use the Booking Service, the Clients should follow the instructions on the screen, to accept the terms and conditions of rental, to be at least 25 years old and one year old driving license at the time of delivery of the vehicle.

It be required by the user fill in the mandatory fields of the booking form, delivery and return date and time, extras, optional services and personal data, also reading and acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions will be asked next with the confirmation of the minimum age and years of driving license.

Pressing the button “Send request” screen shipping confirmation is displayed and the user will receive an email, into the account indicated in the form, with the details of your application and if there is availability of dates and vehicles, a second email will be sent to confirm the booked vehicle, the rental service budget and a final approval request to formalize the reservation is required.

This online reservation system (whether the reservation is confirmed or not) does not constitute a lease of vehicles. At the time of rental, when DriveGT deliver the vehicle to the Client, a contract will be underwritten in accordance with Spanish law.

If for unforeseen reasons DriveGT could not deliver the reserved vehicle, the Client will be informed in the shortest possible about incidence and will offer a replacement vehicle by adjusting the fare according to the new model.

In general, Clients can access the booking service free way.

In a period of 24 hours the Client will receive an email in which you will be informed of the confirmation or denial of the requested vehicle.

In the event that the Client wishes to raise any questions or problems arisen in connection with the booking of vehicles or submission of any claim to DriveGT, you can send an email to contact@drivegt.com.

Depending on availability, Clients may change your reservation up to 24 hours before delivery of your vehicle by calling the DriveGT Booking Center +34 902 123 123 or send an email to reservation@drivegt.com.

Requirements to Rent a Vehicle DriveGT

When the Client go to collect his car and make payment of the reservation, will be asked to sign a rental agreement with DriveGT. The contract govern the rights and responsibilities of the Client in relation to the rented vehicle. DriveGT reserves the right to refuse to rent their vehicles to persons:

  • not meeting the minimum age requirement of 25 years at the time of booking;
  • not having a class B driving license with at least one year old;
  • that constitute an unwarranted risk; or
  • unable to meet the standard requirements of credit, debit or cash applied by DriveGT at all times, according to current rates.

Fares and Charges

Fares of vehicles, extras and optional services offered by DriveGT may vary, but DriveGT is committed to maintaining these fares updates in its Website.

The payment of the contracted services as well as the deposit is held at the time of recruitment and collection of the vehicle by the Client.

Upon returning the vehicle, DriveGT refund the deposit, after deducting any Additional Charges incurred by the Client, in the same way that was paid and provided the vehicle has not been damaged.

The Client agrees to pay the parking and traffic fines incurred. Rental days computed according to the particular conditions of each fare from the exact time that the Client has rented the vehicle and until the return thereof, keys and documentation by the Client.

The grace period on return of the vehicle will be 15 minutes, after which a surcharge shall apply (available in the vehicle Files) and will be calculated based on the delay and the rented vehicle according to the following rates:

Surcharge by delivery/collection delay

Vehicle Rate
Lamborghini Gallardo 1.25€/min
Ferrari F430 1.15€/min
Aston Martin V8 Vantage 1.08€/min
Ferrari 360 Spider 0.98€/min
Porsche Carrera S 997 0.65€/min
Porsche Boxster 987 0.48€/min
Porsche Panamera 0.75€/min
Mini Cooper 1300 0.15€/min

Additional Charges

The Additional Charges are amounts for additional concepts not collected at the time of conclusion of the contract and delivery of the vehicle. These amounts for additional concepts will be charged upon returning the car. In the car Files are available specific rates for each model. For any questions, please email us at contact@drivegt.com: Additional charge by contract extension: Concepts requested after vehicle delivery (Extras, Options and added time). Additional charge for late return: DriveGT appreciates your punctuality as there are other clients waiting to enjoy the vehicle. If an delay occurs, an additional charge will apply depending on the delay and vehicle. Additional charge for changing collection point: If, after delivery of the vehicle, the collection time was modified outside of office hours (10h-21h) or the collection point, DriveGT will apply an extra charge according to the rates published in the “Vehicles Delivery and Collection” section. Additional charge for extra mileage: All our “GT Experiences” have a limit of milage included in the rate. Additional kilometers will be charged according to the fares established in the contracted Experience. Additional charge for damage or theft, or contracted Extras: Surcharge for damages or theft, or contracted Extras: If the Client has not purchased the GT-Cover insurance and the vehicle is damaged or stolen, DriveGT will charge the full amount of the insurance excess. If after the intervention of the insurance company the Client is exempted from liability, DriveGT refund the amount charged, otherwise and when it comes to damage to the vehicle, the difference will be refunded between the proceeds of the insurance excess and the cost of repair. In case of loss, theft or damage to any of the extras hired, if you have not purchased the GT-Cover insurance, DriveGT will charge the following amounts according device: GoPro Camera €290, €90 Mobile Wifi, GPS €160. Additional charge for excessive wear of tires: If you are a quiet driver who is not used to skid or make heavy use of the tires, why pay the same as the driver experienced what it does? On delivery and pickup, our agent performs a measurement to assess tire wear who have suffered during the rental period, if these measures outweigh the expected wear, DriveGT apply a surcharge according to the following tables:

Supplement by use intensive of tires

Vehicle Expected wear* (mm/100km) Surcharge per axle (1mm above expectations)
Delantero Trasero Delantero Trasero
Lamborghini Gallardo 0.034 0.068 40.30€ 62.80€
Ferrari F430 0.033 0.067 40.30€ 61.58€
Ferrari 360 Spider 0.027 0.055 37.98€ 57.50€
Aston Martin V8 Vantage 0.026 0.053 38.37€ 57.50€
Porsche Carrera S 997 0.024 0.048 40.30€ 62.80€
Porsche Panamera 0.017 0.034 46.15€ 49.88€
Porsche Boxster 987 0.017 0.033 32.38€ 43.95€
Mini Cooper 1300 0.027 0.027 11.12€ 11.12€

*Wear expected under conditions of sporty driving without skidding.

Vehicles Delivery and Collection

DriveGT offers 3 options to deliver and return their cars:

1st. Customer may go to the garage at the time booking and DriveGT will deliver or pick up the car at no extra charge*.

2nd. VIP shuttle service (Very Important Person): DriveGT available to the Client and his companion a shuttles chauffeured between our Garage and where requested. Two types of transports are offered, Executive (Mercedes Class E or similar) and Luxury (Mercedes Class S or similar), at the price of €35 and €45 respectively if the service is performed within the perimeter of the M40 or Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. For other routes, DriveGT will indicate the exact price in the confirmation email sent after the booking inquiry by the Client.

*Out of office hours DriveGT (9h-21h), additional supplements may apply. Check room rates to File the car.

3rd. VIC Transporter (Very Important Car): Delivery/collection custom service of vehicles to any part of Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). Agent DriveGT deliver/collect the booked vehicle where requested. This service is subject to the following rates:

a) Delivery/collection free anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula for following models: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche Carrera S and Panamera, if the rent is more than two days (Virtual Weekend rates, Crazy Week, long term rentals and contracts leasing -LikeYours-).

b) For rentals shorter (Day On Wheels, Exclusive Night, 24h, Single Days -1 or 2 days-) or for this models: Porsche Boxster and Mini Cooper Classic, the following charges will apply:

Surcharge VIC services for rent 1-2 days or Porsche Boxster and Mini Cooper Classic models*

Moving the car over 100km from Madrid city (Spain and Portugal) €289
Within the M40 perimeter and Madrid-Barajas Airport €69
Surcharge for additional milage outside the M40 perimeter and Madrid-Barajas Airport (max. 100km)
Lamborghini Gallardo €69 + €2.9/km
Ferrari F430 €69 + €2.7/km
Aston Martin V8 Vantage €69 + €2.4/km
Ferrari 360 Spider €69 + €2.2/km
Porsche Carrera S 997 €69 + €1.5/km
Porsche Boxster 987 €69 + €1/km
Porsche Panamera €69 + €1.8/km
Mini Cooper 1300 €69 + €0.4/km

*Each delivery or collection service will be contracted and charged separately.

If the informed delivery or collection times are outside of office hours, an additional surcharge will be apply, that will added to the rate above according to the following table:

Surcharge for delivery/collection outside office hours*

Hour Rate
21h-22h €30
22h-23h €35
23h-00h €40
00h-01h €45
01h-02h €50
03h-04h €55
04h-05h €60
05h-06h €55
06h-07h €45
07h-08h €40
08h-09h €35
09h-10h €30

*Office hours: Monday to Sunday from 10h-21h.

Luggage Transfer

DriveGT offers a luggage transfer service for the convenience of Clients and to facilitate their mobility. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the DriveGT Agent will pick up the Client’s luggage and bring it where is requested. Upon returning the vehicle, the Agent will transfer the luggage from any place indicated by the user to the point of return of the vehicle. This luggage transfer service cost an extra €29 whether is performed within of M40 perimeter or Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. A supplement €0.5/km will be added if the transfer is performed outside of these zones.

Additional Driver

You can add to the rental, an additional driver with limited liability insurance. Only one additional driver can join to the contract. If any of the two drivers, principal or additional, contract the GT-Cover comprehensive insurance, the other driver must to hire too. Check rates into the vehicle Files. +Info

Refueling Service Included

To avoid inconvenience to the Client and allow him to make the most of his experience, DriveGT allows to return the vehicle with the tank without refueling, DriveGT will only charge what is lacking to fill without any charges management fees.


DriveGT provides two extra: Mobile Wifi and cameras GoPro action. However, if the Client wants an added stuff, can apply through the reservation form DriveGT.com at the time of booking, or by calling 902 123 123 or by sending an email to the email reservation@drivegt.com. Upon receiving the request, DriveGT will respond to the Client to confirm that possibility and attaching a budget for approval. DriveGT delivery the vehicle clean, with a full tank and extras already installed. Most DriveGT’s vehicles have GPS, but if they are not equipped with one, DriveGT lend a portable device.

Contract Extension

Whenever there is availability, you can extend any aspect of the rental, whether Extras, Options, or length of rental. The rate will be recalculated based on the new concepts incorporated into the contract and the date and time of return, applying the most advantageous fare to the Client. DriveGT will not apply any charges management fees.

Office Hours and Contact Phones

The DriveGT’s Office Hours is 10h-21h, within of this time no additional charge will be apply. Outside these hours check rates. Upon delivery of the vehicle, DriveGT will offer to the Client a Driver Care Phone free and available 24 hours a day to assist to the driver if necessary to report any incident, request a replacement vehicle or resolving any matter relating to the rental service. The Client can book his vehicle through the booking form of DriveGT.com, phone or through our central reservation calling 902,123,123 available during office hours. DriveGT also made available to the Client in case of breakdown or accident, a 24h roadside assistance telephone.

24h Roadside Assistance

DriveGT offers a roadside assistance 24 hours a day with RACE. In case of breakdown or accident, the Client will contact RACE through the helpline 24h 902-09-06-31. If the problem is not resolved and is need to send out a replacement vehicle, the Client may request it over the Driver Care Phone that was provided at the time of conclusion of the contract.

Mobility and Usage Restrictions

It is strictly forbidden to use of DriveGT’s vehicles in speed closed circuits without express written permission of DriveGT, being the driver responsible for any damages you may suffer or cause the vehicle. Apart from the civil and economic responsibilities that could derive of an accident, the violation of this rule would result in full charge of the deposit by DriveGT in respect of misuse, such deposit serves to compensate for excessive wear that, presumably occurs, by intensive use of the vehicle under the conditions of a driving circuit. To use the vehicle in speed closed circuits, contact DriveGT through email contact@drivegt.com and our agents will design a personalized service with insurance necessary for that purpose. Vehicles can not be transferred between different islands or between the mainland and the Islands or vice versa or to the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. Nor is authorized to transport the vehicle to board any ship, train, truck or plane (unless expressly authorized in writing by DriveGT). The vehicle is only authorized to travel on the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, State of the Vatican, Spain, France, Finland, Holland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Portugal, Republic of San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland and Gibraltar.

Prices of Insurances and Coverages of Vehicules

The DriveGT vehicles carry no additional cost, the Compulsory Automobile Insurance with Supplemental Liability and deposit with unlimited guarantee, but as this type of insurance does not include coverage for damage to the vehicle collision, theft, vandalism, theft personal belongings and death or injury of the User, DriveGT extends it, without any cost, through a complete protection package that includes the following coverages: a) Partial Protection Against to the Integrity of Vehicle (CDW) with Excess Insurance The partial protection for damages is not exactly a insurance, is a protection that partially exempts the Client of the economical responsibility and limited by the insurance excess amount, for damage to the vehicle by collision or vandalism. When dealing with a partial coverage, the Client shall only be liable of a non-waivable amount, in case of damage to the vehicle, as shown in the following table: The non-waivable amount for damages shall apply to all vehicles owned by DriveGT, regardless of the fare applied in the contract, while not otherwise stated. This amount, which will have been retained from the deposit, will be returned to the Client within two months if the liability of a third party is documented, and if there is an accident report with recognition of guilt of a third party. b) Partial Theft Protection or Decrease the Vehicle (TP) with Excess Insurance This protection partially exempts the Client economical responsibility for total or partial loss of the vehicle due to theft. When dealing with a partial coverage, the Client shall only be liable for the payment of an amount not waivable and limited by the insurance excess, by the partial or total theft of the vehicle, as shown in the following table: The term decrease absence, at the time of vehicle return, any of its elements or components, documents, parts, tools and accessories original and any other additional accessories that the Client had requested. The non-waivable amount will be applied to any vehicle owned by DriveGT, regardless of the fare applied in the contract, while not otherwise stated. These partial coverages that complement and extend the Compulsory Liability Insurance do not include:

  • Damage or death of the occupants;
  • Theft of personal property;
  • Damage caused to the vehicle moons;
  • Loss of keys, error fuel or lack of fuel.
  • Mechanical failure of the vehicle. In this case Drive GT will cover the risk, except if the damage is caused by misuse of the driver.

GT-COVER. OPTIONAL INSURANCE TOTAL PROTECTION AGAINST DAMAGE, THEFT OR DECREASE THE VEHICLE DriveGT offers its Clients the ability to have total protection against damage, theft or decrease the vehicle due to collision or theft, is excluded the car glasses as they have a specific coverage (LI). Accepting the GT-Cover insurance for damage and theft, Client is exempt from the economic liability limited by the insurance excess amount, for damage to the integrity of the vehicle, theft and decrease thereof, except the car glasses. The price of this protection varies depending on the vehicle and the length of rental. The prices can be consulted in the vehicle Files.

Checking the Condition of the Vehicle

DriveGT procedures state that the vehicle will be reviewed both upon delivery and on return, to identify any damage and determine responsibility. Upon delivery of the vehicle to the Client, the DriveGT’s Agent will check the vehicle and note in the rental contract any damage identified. Upon returning the vehicle, will be again checked and if further damage will not be included in the contract, these new damages will be assumed by the Client. In case of damage to the vehicle or accident, the Client is required to complete an accident report, whether it is responsible or not, with or without identification of a third person, and must send it, by no later than 14 days, the Department of Insurance our headquarters in Madrid, located at Calle Lopez de Hoyos, 325, A2, 2C, 28043.


OE all published fares and prices in Drivegt.com have included the corresponding VAT tax of 21%.

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