It was the replacement for the F-355. It occurred between 1999 and 2005 and was replaced by the F-430. Designed by the Carrozzeria Pininfarina (Turin), like so many Ferraris since 1951 in which the business relationship between the two companies began. The Ferrari 360 is built entirely of aluminum and this meant a weight saving of around 28% over the previous model, the F-355. It was a radical change in design philosophy Ferrari, preferring more gentle lines and flowing curves, without aerodynamic devices that flat and angled surfaces of the F-355. It is available in a two-seater coupe with rear or mid-engine spider that is the center of gravity closer to the geometric center, thereby improving the dynamic balance of the car.

Max. Speed

0 - 100 km/h

Power (CV)

Torque (Nm)

Central rear engine, V8, 90, 3,586 cubic centimeters. Atmospheric. DOHC 40 valve (5 per cylinder). Automatic control of the opening phase of the exhaust valves. Cast-aluminum construction in sand molds for single use. Assembled by hand.
It rated at 400 hp. at 8500 rpm and a torque of 372 Nm. 4750rpm.Relación compression to 11 to 1. Mounted in rear center position, sprint, camshafts and dry sump high crossing. It has a specific power of 111,54 hp. per liter.

A rear wheel, with robotic semiautomatic box (F1), 6 speeds. The box is basically the same in the manual model in F1, but in this clutch and gear selection are operated by hydraulic actuators that are controlled by computer. It is capable of shifting gears in 150 milliseconds, which is much faster than the manual model. The computer controlling the gearshift makes based on information on the position of the accelerator and brake pedals, engine rotation speed, clutch position, speed change input shaft, etc. to ensure the best performance both in acceleration and reduction.

The structure is made entirely of aluminum to reduce weight, in collaboration with Alcoa, specialist in this field. Independent suspension presents both trains, consisting of double triangles superimposed with active suspension system and active dampers.

Front disc brakes, ventilated 330 mm. Monoblock calipers.
Ventilated rear brake discs 330 mm. Monoblock calipers.
ABS (Anti Blocking System).
Airbags for driver and passenger side.
ESP: traction control.

Alarm, central locking, traction control, immobilizer, air conditioning, power steering, electric windows, alloy wheels, leather upholstery, ESP.

*The pictures correspond to the model and color of the actual car.

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