Marcello Gandini. Visionary Designer.

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MIURA + COUNTACH + STRATOS, do you sound? and Quattroporte, Sword, Carabo Devil Urraco, Panteral, Montreal, Ghibli … It’s a more mundane but no less ingenious endless list of wonderful models, some heavenly and others, as the first BMW 5 Series, Citroen Bx, or I SUPERCINCO. They all have something in common, being sons of the great imagination of my fetish designer Marcello Gandini. He even dared to commercial vehicles, the simple sobriety of the cab of the truck Renault Magnum is his work, it is a stunning design that stands out from the traffic as you would the look of Optimus Prime himself.

Gandini speaks many languages​​, knows how to communicate with magic, elegance, boldness, simplicity, distinction, parsimony, innovation, uniqueness, boldness, sensuality and arrogance. Transmitted as whisper sometimes other is hurricane and others is simply something that is and is perceived but can not be described. It has a touch, a subtle sensibility that makes even the whisper in a loud voice. He is a guru, a sculptor masterpieces in motion, a cornerstone without which never can tell a wonderful story: the history of the automobile.

MIURA + COUNTACH + STRATOS, I will have joined over the years, are individually wonderful, but what together?. Together we make it great to its creator, Marcello Gandini unrepeatable.

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