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Flåklypa Grand Prix

Swedish animated film of 1975 in which a genius inventor builds a handmade car to win a race. So the story, a good story, even unfinished, still short, but no less exciting starts. It is the story of a man and his company. A child who at the time was only five years saw that movie and was infected by the virus, she would resemble that genius inventor. Do you think he got it? … Do you think he has achieved his goal?

Koenigsegg Automotive AB, a Swedish company founded in 1994 by entrepreneur and visionary Christian Von Koenigsegg Harald Erland, when he was only 23, in the small Swedish town of Ängelholm.

Since then the business has not only grown, not so much in volume of production or in turnover and experience, recognition, care for detail and exclusivity. All this, most of the time, swimming upstream, avoiding trends and changing the perspective to improve the outcome. Risking. Christian Koenigsegg is one 5 year old was thrilled to see how there was a world where things could be put together to shape a dream: a wonderful car capable of competing in the most hostile environments and face them the most fearsome rivals. Still a child, you just have to hear him speak of their cars. What gives me envy…

Koenigsegg´s Cool Thinghs

Carbon fiber wheels, 440 Km/h, 0-400 km/h in 20 seconds, hybrid drive unit of over 1,500 hp, 2,000 Nm of torque, weight 1,420 kg, KDD transmission system (Direct Koenigsegg Drive without gear, direct coupling), fully handcrafted, using the latest 3D printing techniques, LED daytime lighting system “DRL constelation” (daylight Running Lights, simulating the presence of constellations in the night sky over the polished carbon fiber), Triplex rear suspension, we can say that the sport is approved for driving on road more and more powerful acceleration made so far. These are the “cool thinghs” Koenigsegg, directly from Sweden. Imagine a device with more than triple power than a Lamborghini Gallardo and 130 kg lighter than this… is there?, can enroll?. Yes there is, and is called Koenigsegg regera.

Koenigsegg Regera

Regera in Swedish means “king” and I think the name could not be more successful. The regera outshines other brands of much greater tradition as Ferrari, Pagani, Aston Martin, Lamborghini or Porsche not only by their numbers, but also by the manner in which they are obtained and the refinement of each of the solutions proposed . They are what I call “cool thinghs Koenigsegg’s” and is what identifies the company: the brainy and original development of all the details, the competence of their (very, very few) employees and the renunciation of the production of long series of vehicles. The regera, for example, only 80 cars will be manufactured, and sold in advance.

Koenigsegg Regera

Hybrid Power Unit

Regera true heart, gives life to this futuristic and innovative vehicle. It has an internal combustion engine (ICE or Internal Combustion Engine, as they call it in the house). 5.0 biturbo V8 DOHC, aluminum construction, dry sump, 4 valves per cylinder, mounted on hydraulic supports active, double bearings with ceramic turbochargers, intake manifolds entirely of carbon fiber and titanium exhaust developed in collaboration with the Slovenian Akrapovic. It is known, ultacompacto and ultra reliable brand engine, developed by Koenigsegg own. The ICE is supported by 3 electric motors. The first acts as auxiliary fuel and has 217 hp, the other two are each on a rear wheel and provide 245 hp. A total of 700 hp. The battery pack comes from Mate Rimac, specialist of Polish origin (curiously as Nikola Tesla) has a liquid cooling system and a capacity of 9.2 kWh and can be recharged via a household outlet. The weight is incredibly low for its capacity, adding only 115 kg per set. The regera also has the functionality “Battery Drain Mode” or BDM, as they like to call the Koenigsegg. This is another cool guys thinghs of Änhelholm. When the car detects geo located within 50 km from its destination either indicate what we touch of a button on the screen activates a system that gives priority to the electric system against thermal propulsion engine vehicle, with This is achieved dramatically lower emissions and consumption, and passing that on arrival at recharging the battery is completely discharged and therefore suitable for a full recharge. It can also operate in electric only mode with a range of about 50 km if the batteries are fully loaded.

Koenigsegg Regera Power plug

KDD (Koenigsegg Direct Drive)

Another cool thinghs Koenigsegg’s. It is a secret of the brand. Developed in the house, who wants to unravel the secrets of the continuous transmission without marches Koenigsegg will have to buy one of the 80 manufactured Regeras and dismantling to know how the Angelholm have managed to attach the drive train to the wheels so that the par flow in a linear fashion, getting a use of the available power smoothly or loss of traction independently to each of the drive wheels. According to the manufacturer the power losses that occur with conventional automatic transmissions are reduced by up to 50%. The communion between the electric motors and the combustion is total, supplementing each other deficiencies for energy to be exploited in the best possible way, achieving an efficiency never achieved by any hypercar to the intended time. The KDD is the heart of regera, it becomes a subtle beast, in a temperate insanity, a real impossible. All it concentrated in only 88 kg. He plated again Christian.

Koenigsegg Regera Direct Drive

Triplex Rear Suspension

Koenigsegg own development, is a compromise between traction, stability and comfort. It is a standalone system with a damping spring system, spring for each wheel and a third damper solidarity both wheels. This allows the use of a more rigid roll bar without compromising ride comfort and greatly improving performance limit.

Carbon Fibre Wheels

Void formability, drastic weight reduction (each tire weighs 6 kg, with a reduction of 40% compared to the classic aluminum alloy).

Erland Harald Christian Von Koenigsegg: outsider, visionary, eclectic, dreamy, gifted. Do you think he has achieved his goal?

Koenigsegg Regera rear view

Images courtesy of koenigsegg.com

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