As a driver, you are responsible for damage and theft of the vehicle, unless the insurer exempt you from this responsibility.

To reduce your responsibility, DriveGT expanded without cost the compulsory insurance of their cars with a partial coverages for damage (CDW) and theft (TP) that reduce your liability to certain amounts limited by the excesses. this means that if the car is damaged or stolen, you’d have to do face additional expenses, although they are limited by the excess, will be significant due to characteristics of these vehicles.

Drive relaxed and let all-risk insurance take care this issue. If you want to reduce your liability and remove this excess, hire our Full-Cover to relieve you completely of these expenses. Check the car Files.

If you hired additional driver option and want to hire a GT-Cover insurance, both drivers will have to take out insurance.

GT-Cover insurance features:

  • Eliminates the franchise and with it the amount you must pay in case of damage or theft.
  • In case of mishap, DriveGT will charge €100 for administrative expenses.
  • It does not cover damage to the vehicle glasses.
  • Not cover damage or loss of extra equipment (GPS, GoPro Cameras, Mobile Wifi, etc).
  • Not cover the excessive wear of the tires. +Info

More information about insurances in Terms & Conditions.

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