Fuchs: The Tire Most Famous Of The History

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Olympus Tire

Borrani, O.Z, BBS, Cromodora, ATS, Minilite, Campagnolo, Speedline

The image of all tires I mentioned, is firmly etched in the retina of every good fan motor. Everyone should be able to close your eyes and imagine a Campagnolo Stratos riding on their flashy gold painted that color, a runaway flying Integrale rally to finish flush with its white OZ, a Ferrari Daytona proud and self-sufficient bearing risen their Cromodora, a mini skate punk and naughty doing their Minilite or all 250 GTO doing Borrani suffer a braking of the main straight of Goodwood. All tires prestigious competition Bragadas and who have worn the leading cars in the world, but the first one mentioned, the first that pops to mind when you think about it, is the rim Fuchs… the” Windmill Porsche “of a lifetime. Porsche has always paid much attention to the shoes that has equipped its cars and has a background of large wardrobe, copied many times. Remember the “Dial Phone”, the “Cup” or the more recent “Turbo” 5 oblique radios equipped supercharged versions of the 993. But among all the highlights on merit Fuchs primitive.

Porsche 911 classic

Fuchs History

Otto Fuchs Metallwerke born 1910 in the German town of Meinerzhagen like a small brass casting, is mainly engaged in the manufacture of brass weights for German post offices. Always engrossed in metalworking, the company (like many other specialized companies of the time) and falls under Nazi control during the war dedicated to the manufacture of military equipment. Fuchs focuses on creating wheels used in combat aircraft based on aluminum and magnesium alloys, which leads him an extremely valuable experience and “Know How” and are extrapolated to the automotive world. It has always been a company that has maintained a philosophy incorformismo, research, quality and careful preparation throughout its 100 years of life. “We give form and function to high performance materials,” according proclaim themselves proud. The group currently employs more than 8,600 people and an income statement presented in 2013 with a turnover of 2,400 million euros, according to the company. The Fuchs family has never left the boat and today the descendants of Otto still have great weight on the board to play active management tasks and decision-making, which is no less strange in a global marketplace that increasingly tends more decentralized companies and where the great voracity of competition from emerging countries has destroyed many traditional factories rooted in the old continent. Currently operating under the name Otto Fucks KG and company headquarters remains in Meinerzhagen. And yes, still made his famous tires with the original procedure, the original measures and also perfectly scaled larger sizes, adapting to changing times, if we want to put our few genuine Fuchs 991, something that own Porsche did in 2013 in a limited, numbered edition of 1,963 units (coinciding with the year of filing of 911) known as “50th anniversary”, wearing a beautiful 19-inch Fuchs.

Fuchs Porsche 50 Anniversary

Making A Forged Wheel

The Fuchs were first forged aluminum wheels production in series, but what is a forged rim?

There are essentially two ways to manufacture aluminum wheels: the melting process and wrought. The first is the most common and cheapest method, involves pouring the molten alloy into a mold, wait for the metal to cool and harden once we finished piece. The forge method is to shape the metal by mechanical means starting from a single aluminum cylinder that is heated without reaching never lose the solid state and worked using presses that discharge up to 8,000 tons over the first block to go shaping and punching gross cylinder in different phases, with all disc that mimics what would be the outer face of the rim it is obtained. For the share of the anchoring of the tire, which is parallel to the floor, in Fuchs use a technique called “flow forming” heating and stretching the edge of the tire while pushing and working with rollers that give shape ultimately turning while going up to the end and always starting from a single block of aluminum. This method avoids the production of air bubbles and microcracks in the metal and organizing molecules as voltage lines that make and more resistant equal mass much more homogeneous in all parts of the rim. In other words: a forged rim is much lighter than a cast equal resistance. To me if given the choice I have no doubt forged wheels, the problem is that they are much more expensive and complex to manufacture, no less than 58 steps! which is required before seeing terminate a Fuchs.

Fuchs And The 911

Fuchs Meeting

From the aesthetic point of view the sketch is because someone from the design department’s own Porsche, namely Heinrich Klie, who also designed the full dashboard 911. According to sources consulted him can also be considered father of the Porsche 914 so, olé! Mr. Klie. Tires are Nine Eleven were born with it. And dressed in 1963 when he appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show and its development paralleled the development of the vehicle itself. Contrary to what it may seem, the first picture that was presented to Alexander Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche was quickly accepted “with a wave of the hand,” according to Klie own. The truth is that I feel good about 911, they are inextricably linked to his image, so it is one of the few tires that inform us unequivocally about who are shimming without seeing the rest of the car, but lately has been fashionable in the world of classical use “windmill Porsche” for all that is “aircooled” whether Porsche or Volkswagen, this gives an idea of ​​what this tire, tradition dragging and visual power that holds .

Fuchs is a bright design icon, a brand in themselves, a focus, a wonderful size of metal embedded in a snap great mechanical jewelry, a sculpture in motion, are the vanishing point of a wonderful landscape: the 911.

Porsche 911 991 50 Anniversary Edition

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