Do I Really Need A New Car?

by | Dec 14, 2014 | Oldtimer Magazine | 0 comments

Are many, many times on our way are encountering cars will inevitably head towards an unlucky fate, languishing slowly dams careless owners or questionable taste, victims of neglect or unstoppable machine consumerism, dam owners who confuse need with fad or fashion.

How many are the times I’ve heard someone utter the phrase “I need a new car”?, how many times have pronounced yourselves?, how many times the need was real?, very few.

All of us are part of a society that consume, consume, consume and grind, grind, grind… shreds things that often have much more value than those that will replace them.

What has this to do with cars?, lot. Cars are referred to as simple consumable, expendable, disposable. The more cars tires will most envied.

I need a new car?, probably NO. Cars are my passion, now you know. I hold you in my DNA and my soul. My passion for classic cars is one of the things that makes me happy in this world, along with my family, my friends and my work. It gives me a lot worth seeing as there are so many cars that even with many things to offer, even being able to give useful service for many years, even allowing attributes to spare to become classics are evicted without mercy, and replaced by aseptic appliances under consumption and increasingly similar to what is sold at the dealership next door.

Even I have come to wonder surfing the Internet looking with eyes like any other “late model” of which we are offered through multiple channels of advertising that bombards us every day, looking curiously price or putting such or tires which in the configurator.

Assumes a little effort, but I always try to remember that first day, that time when I had completely clear he wanted “that” car, the first time I got behind the wheel, the first time I taught my friends, in the thousands of things that have happened in the company of my car, how precious remains and that it will become increasingly rare and exclusive. I think I did the accounts to buy and where to end snapped by magic because it was poorer than rats. The first time you walked past a window and saw my reflection proud and satisfied because it was an object of desire had come true. I think it is the same car that once I ilusionó and that for the new treasure all these experiences have to spend 8, 10, 15 or 20 years… and then, instantly, I removed the desire to change one again. I take them fond of my car… and do not play tricks. My car is not an old car, car is a spoiled and care that has grown up with me and I owe a lot.

Many times that a failure of air conditioning, a small oil leak, defective paint or a persistent little noise we can excuse to change cars. They are cars that could give many more years of reliable service subjecting them to a small repair, investing some money in them, a little pampering. But no, the gear must keep turning… consume, consume, consume, crush, crush, crush…

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