Alfa Romeo Alfetta 158/159

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1479 cc 8-cylinder, 2-stage compressor, 2 overhead camshafts controlled by gears, aluminum alloy block with wet liners and hemispherical combustion chambers, tubular chassis 305 Km / h top independent suspensions both axles, rear gearcase forming the differential block, 425 hp 9300 RPM tech ?, yes … but in 1951! To me I get a specific list of more than 287 HP / liter, in 1951! … That engine was designed by a gentleman named Gioacchino Colombo, who later designed the first V-12 Ferrari.

It was the swan song, the latest evolution of this generation of racing cars Alfa Romeo who ran on the eve of World Championship Formula 1 in a team that was at that time directed by someone who later christened with his name brand most famous, unique and distinguished automobile in the world and can be none other than Don Enzo.

Given these overwhelming numbers I can merely ask: have we made ​​some progress … Let me give you my humble opinion?.

Now we have efficient engines with consumption of 3 liters, green plastics, Bluetooth systems, browsers, catalysts, pastel colors, anti-fatigue systems that wake us with a small vibration in the ass if we blink more than usual, parking aid, air conditioners that are capable to control the interior temperature by sector and with a precision of a millionth of a degree, hybrid systems with batteries, wheels are braked alone controlled by an electronic brain to the path which is supposed to be, information on the windshield electronic voices that lull us and keep us informed about the traffic and the state of our vehicle, heated seats, mufflers air coming out of the seat and a comparable comfort and silence the noise it makes when a cold starts. Have we made ​​some progress?… No.

We lost the vision, the passion, the celestial music of the engines calling pass to the next gear, the touch of a gear on our wrist, return address surpassing the apex of the curve, the smell of oil when heated, autonomy to play defense and draw that goofy smile that puts you when the steering wheel is to the same side as the rear wheels, the whine of metal exhaust when it contracts when cooled, trumpets chrome carburetors, the feeling of metal on metal working machine with gasoline and oil flowing through their guts under pressure, as blood does for our arteries. We are losing cars increasingly move away most of a glorious era when cars had souls, they had personality and were able to arouse feelings and passions. We have not made ​​any progress.

I do not like the cold, I do not like the seat vibrate and I heated it with a resistor, air scarves seem tontada me a voice browser and I take off because I always talk irritates me an electronic machine. And now that coaches spend 3 liter gasoline costs 10 times more, so even in that we lost. Step appliances, I like cars. We have not made ​​any progress.

In 1950 Alfa Romeo team formed by Fangio, Farina and Fagioli aboard the Alfetta 158 won six of the seven contested races in the new F1 championship unopposed for more than ten years after it was engineered by Gioacchino Colombo, subsequently recruited Ferrari.

Great Colombo!

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