5 Cars To consider If You Are Going To Have Children

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I was always a spoiled child, so my parents say, is that he wanted it all, but when you meet age and mature, you learn to give and do acts of constriction in favor of those who want more: the family.

There are moments in life where passions, hobbies and dreams must give way to the responsibilities, duties and sacrifices. And it is precisely at that point where I am.

After many years of planning and saving, it was time to realize my dream: buy a sports car, but in all my plans and cabals had not considered a variable that threaten to derail my dream of parenthood. Parenting is a wonderful thing, until you discover that babies are not compatible with the power and speed, and not me, says my wife. And it’s not all it says, says many more things that make no sense to me, but are applauded by the rest of her friends. And all agree on one thing, men are few immature not want to grow and take responsibility. I admit, maybe it’s a little Peter Pan, but this time I will show what stuff I’m made, it is time to leave behind the dreams of youth and embrace the new burdens that come over me. It is the time of slaughter…

Yesterday my wife said, ‘Darling do not you wanted to buy a car – and believe me when I say that this was not just any question, was charged with intent, because she knows that car I want, but equally I know that car wants it, and clearly do not agree, because the important thing now is not you, but the family, and that means giving up certain aspects such as sportsmanship, power or cornering, and focus on others as space, security, energy efficiency and recycling.

I hope this post serves as an example for all those drivers that you refuse to grow and mature. I think today I talk to my wife and to put to the new family mobility options, and we can prove that men themselves change:

Audi RS6 Avant

In this family I would highlight their large glazed surface, the level of finishes and the design of their coasters. It’s certainly a comfortable and relaxed family to take the whole family tours or pleasure trips by highway. Less interesting are data such as power, 560 hp, which only serve to coloraos the Ferraris or Porsches of the day, or its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds, and its top speed of 250 km/h absurd, thanks to God is limited, although some crazy decide which option to acquire the deslimita to 280 km/h in the first stage, or up to 305 km/h in a second. The drawbacks we should point size 21 “wheels and bulging wheel arches, which always prevent proper rotation between the columns of the supermarket parking. The two oval exhaust outlets also are unnecessary size XXL as a smaller and would be more than enough, lightening the overall weight.

Audi RS6 Avant

A point in favor of this model is its engine family in this regard Audi has done a great job giving this model a verve worthy of a small sports car, which is appreciated in recoveries, when you want to climb a hill or you have to overtake a couple of cyclists with swiftness. And it is that this small biturbo engine only 8-cylinder V and 4 liters is capable of generating more than acceptable 560 hp and 700 Nm, which could well serve to tow a caravan en route to camping, well recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic the Titanic. This engine works in conjunction with an automatic gearbox with torque converter ZF 8 relations, undoubtedly one of the best automatics market. And I have a motto, my family, the better.

Another aspect is the already established drive Quattro, which together with a sports rear differential, offers a dynamic behavior worthy of a smaller and lighter car type Smart or Mehari. These feelings would not have been possible without the enormous development effort and craftsmanship by Quattro GmbH, Audi’s special division whose facilities are located in the town of Neckarsulm 60 kilometers north of Stuttgart.

With an optional equipment almost infinite, the possibilities for customization are total, making each car a unique model, as my wife. The trunk is another hoot of this family car with its 565 liters, expandable to 1,680 by folding down the rear seats and putting the baby in the glove compartment. And as the sheet does not specify what are those liters, do not think twice and fill it with beer become the king of the campsite. And these Audi have thought of every detail, such as incorporate a network in the trunk to hold the dog if you have chosen to equip the car with Dynamic Ride Control DRC or an element that improves vehicle behavior in sports, driving very helpful if children get heavy and you want to reduce the time of arrival at the ski resort 2 hours 25 minutes.

Audi RS6 Avant

And if beer not you become the master of the roost, Audi has mounted in series 4 kettles perforated steel, grated, airy and honeycombed of 390 mm with 6 piston calipers, which in addition to stop the car, they used to make rice All the town. They offer a sensational touch in intensive driving and resist fatigue well.

The width between the front seats is exceptional and the distance to the dashboard provides a great feeling of space. The sports seats provide an ideal level of comfort to undertake long journeys, and exceptional grip to hold your organs when you exceed 5g in tacking the road.

Audi RS6 Avant interior

Both the level of benefits as Biturbo V8 engine that equips technology to maximize the potential of this mechanism makes this utility is more like a bomb than a family tourism.

Pricewise, the RS6 Avant part of the € 130 415, but with a few options you’ll be forced to remortgaging your house and we’ll easily €160,000.

Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S Estate Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo

If you are someone who prefers a more bourgeois model, maybe you’ll probably go for the Mercedes. Synonymous with elegance and serenity, the preparer Brabus has always been characterized by discrete manufacturing and rational models, like this one, with just 850 hp and 1,450 Nm, adjust consumption to 10.3 liters per hundred. His gray graphite wheels, its side skirts, their custom exhaust and carbon diffuser reinforce the image of family car that will delight all mothers.

Leaving aside some relevant data as 5.9 liters V8 engine with two turbochargers oversized, or its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds, or self-limited top speed of 300 km/h, or 350 if assemble special tires, we will focus on more important issues such as safety and equipment.

Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S Estate Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo

Thus, this model vitaminado star by Brabus, has a permanent all-wheel drive system 4MATIC AMG increasing vehicle mass distributed 70 kilos and under normal conditions of adherence, 33% of torque to the front axle and one 67% to the rear through a multi-plate clutch. This center differential and are housed in the gearbox. The suspension consists of helical springs in the front and rear axle tires. As for the gearbox AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7, 7-speed automatic instead of a torque converter, comprises a multi-plate clutch immersed in an oil bath, and the dishes prepared by my mother…

Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S Estate Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo

This model includes the new design philosophy of AMG, but with the outside package Brabus offers, can make this model look more discreet and relaxed, as it includes a front apron with a small splitter black on its bottom and a more proportionate rear diffuser used to discreetly integrate the four chrome exhaust outlets, although it may confuse your partner with rockets Concorde. As for the tires, there are various options to choose from the various designs available, may be 17, 18 or 19 inches up to 20 inches, which would be mounted on measures 225/35 tires for the front axle, and 255/30 for the rear.

The dynamic part enhanced by the possibility of replacing the springs of the standard suspension, for others signed by Bilstein, more durum, but by reducing the height of the car by 30 mm, with vertigo by height of children It reduces considerably.

The high-quality interior design reinforces once again the character of this Estate as exclusive high-performance model with an extraordinary level of dynamism, quality materials and great equipment, as the AMG DRIVE UNIT with E-SELECT selector lever with aluminum insert Skin and coat Brabus engraving, instrument cluster with multifunction display and TFT technology 11.4 cm, seats with specific design flower cross upholstered modules optimized lateral support and not let go of your kidneys in steps by curve skin, steering wheel with shift paddles silver aluminum or wood trim gloss black ash.

Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S Estate Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo

In conclusion, we can say that this Mercedes model was powered by Brabus to meet family needs in an efficient and safe transport, and no wonder, the statistics tell us that flying is the safest form of transport, and this little guy is the closest thing to a airliner approved for use on the road, though, much cheaper, because it can be yours from €150,000.

Brabus 850 Shooting Brake 6.0 Biturbo 4MATIC

Following this elegant and discreet concept proposed by Brabus, may prefer to risk a little more and opt for the more dynamic online Shooting Brake.

Built on the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG 4MATIC Brabus has built a family vehicle that can give more of a scare sport enshrined as the Mazda MX5 or the very Hyundai Coupe!

Mercedes Brabus 850 Shooting Brake

Under the hood you’ll find an atomic bomb propellant, so we recommend that you do not raise the hood to show to your wife and not worry about if she comes up open to fill the oil or clean, recent research has put clear that this fact happens once every hundred thousand years, as ice ages. Brabus has come from the 5.5 V8 Biturbo 585 hp developed by AMG, and it has improved in every conceivable aspect to carry 850 hp. Then turbochargers have been replaced by other larger and strengthened block and pistons to ensure the reliability of the engine and ensure that children arrive on time to school. The intake ducts have enlarged the more freely to let air and gold have lined for a more chic. New sports catalysts help the exhaust gases do not steal power to the drive, which receives a final electronic enhancement. The end result is a tight 850 hp, almost 300 hp over the standard power, and a motor torque of 1,450 Nm between 2,500 and 4,500 rpm, almost like the Bugatti Veyron. However, these have Brabus limited to only 1,150 Nm, for what not to brag… oh yes and to avoid twisting the powertrain and chassis, not to blow the tires.

Motor Mercedes Brabus 850 Shooting Brake

And it is that this family, with its all-wheel drive can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds while lifting the asphalt if disconnected electronic aids, aid must be kept out of reach of the children.

Aesthetically, making some parts borrowed from Brabus Rocket. The bumpers are new to both the grille and new air intakes for the intercoolers are added. We can choose between several designs of wheels with high performance tires measuring 255/30 ZR 20 for the front axle and 295/25 ZR 20 for the rear. Aerodynamic body tops details of this Brabus as rear diffuser carbon fiber or stylized engine vent located in the side flaps.

Mercedes Brabus 850 Shooting Brake

Inside the car are completely customizable maximum luxury, with Alcantara leather steering wheel and trim and two-tone upholstery on the seats, while genuine carbon fiber coated parts of the dashboard. The mats bearing the Brabus logo and backlit doorways. The list of options is not really limit as only the size of a checkbook limits the imagination, but €180,000 insurance that you can take one home.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S

Leaving aside the sober preparations Brabus, another worthy family utility of this comparison would be the Porsche Panamera Turbo S, and not by its dynamic qualities, but rather for its practicality. And lovers of the house of Stuttgart, among whom I am, we have always emphasized this aspect above all characterizes and defines a Porsche, its usability. Not surprisingly, Porsche has over 50 years working in this direction, since the first 911 car designed by and for the people, and that after five decades of development, the brand puts in our hands so popular cars like the Panamera or the Cayenne.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S

The Panamera Turbo S has turbocharged V8 engine rational brand mounted on their families, shared with the Cayenne, but with 570 hp instead of the standard 520 Turbo, which improves performance and reach 155 km/every half hour, more than enough speed to arrive on time to the cinema. Consumption is another example of the good work of Porsche, with a figure of 10.2 liters on average, it can not be said to consume more than a yacht.

The new Turbo S will be available in two body variants released after the redesign of the Panamera, the traditional and long battle Executive offers 15 cm wheelbase improving space the rear seats, favoring the placement and Massicosi extraction.

Outwardly, you will recognize the Panamera Turbo S for its four positions spoiler and 20-inch tires used in the 911 Turbo. In the cockpit, it takes power seats upholstered in two-tone leather and an almost unlimited equipment if you do not know where to spend your money.

The car has a whole arsenal of driving aids and chassis technology available to the brand. Among the systems that should be noted mounted chassis dynamic control, which stabilizes the body roll when cornering. The pneumatic suspension and adaptive, so that harden when driving a sports practice or the Sport and Sport Plus modes are inserted.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S

Moreover, mounting the torque vectoring system that splits torque between the axles, always giving priority to the rear, creating an effect of electronic differential lock on the rear axle. The system adjusts the distribution of torque between axles but also between wheels on the same axle depending on the grip and turn. In other words, if you keep strong gripped the steering wheel with both hands while taking a closed curve and full throttle, the more likely it will slip off the tympanum of the ear rather than lose control of the car.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S

And like everything that moves should be able to turn and stop, the Panamera features power steering depending on the speed and PCCB ceramic brakes. Additionally, this model comes equipped with the Sport Chrono pack plus a clock mounted on the dashboard, very useful to know at all times what time is to disconnect or make perfect electronic toll exits through the Launch Control function that lets you accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. ideal way in just 3.8 seconds. Note that this includes an overboost function that increases torque of 750 Nm in a timely manner in another 50 Nm.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S

The price of a popular car should also be popular, and in this sense the brand has made a great effort to contain production costs and offer prices more than popular, as for €207,334 in the case of the variant and Turbo S by €227,747 in the case of Executive long battle, you will not find many families that make it competitive.

Aston Martin Rapide S

If what you need is just a car to take you to you and your family, without any pretensions to satisfy the need to go from point A to B, the Aston Martin Rapide S is the right choice.

Do not worry about whether children vomit or plant slippers in the upholstery of the car, let them play with pen and eat chips and ice cream at the end of the day this vehicle is characterized by rough and spartan interiors where the premium depending on design, as show elements like leather, easy cleaning of the interior, electric and heated seats, and a sound system “Bang & Olufsen” 1,000 watts of power if you have to announce to the people of an air strike, all included in the standard equipment, along with xenon headlamps, sensors, tire pressure, Bluetooth connection and GPS navigation system. Of course, if you want the “Carbon Exterior Pack” which replaces body parts other carbon fiber as the front spoiler, rear diffuser and mirror housings option, prepare your wallet because you’re going to crack.

Aston Martin Rapide S

The five-door SUV and the tourism almost four-seater that measures 5.02 meters long, 1.93 meters wide and 1.36 meters high, is ideal for wriggle between city traffic.

The aluminum engine this Rapide S is the same as riding the 2013 model, even more powerful 2 CV yield 559 hp and 630 Nm of torque (previously 620 Nm).

The other major change Rapide S 2015 with respect to 2013 is the gearbox. It remains automatic, but I had six-speed (Tiptronic II) and now has eight (Tiptronic III, developed by ZF). The new box is 3% more light and makes the changes more quickly, in just 130 ms, which is virtually impossible to scratch your wife a pinion. It has four driving modes: Drive, Sport Drive, Paddle Shift Paddle Shift and Sport (the latter two modes involve using paddles behind the steering wheel). The box is located on the back of the car and the drive is to the rear wheels.

Aston Martin Rapide S

The electronic control unit that manages the communication engine and change are new and which is responsible for controlling the power steering assist, giving a greater sense of precision. This allows to improve performance and fuel economy over the previous model, improving acceleration in half a second (4.4 seconds) and reaching a top speed of 327 km/h compared to 306 km/h the previous Rapide S. average consumption of gasoline is reduced from 15.3 to 12.9 l/100 km, which is fine, since each 200 km save for a couple of Cokes and a skewer.

Motor Aston Martin Rapide S

Although the Rapide S accelerates faster than the Maserati Quattroporte V8 twin turbo 530 hp of your neighbor, it is slower than the Mercede S 63 AMG 4MATIC Coupe (585 hp) tennis teacher your wife and the Porsche Panamera Turbo S (570 hp) of your head, so feel henpecked not lose it, becoming a head ideal family.

Families who enjoy long drives through the historic centers of our cities are in luck, since the rear suspension has been revised and now caps are used 20% more rigid, allowing roll at high speeds without the pavements the fear of losing a wheel. The tires are 20 inches and 245/40 tires mounted front and 295/35 rear (the Rapide S 2013 had less profile tires: 245/35 front and 295/30 rear) and front and rear disc brakes are 400 and 360 mm respectively.

Interior Aston Martin Rapide S

Closing with point load in these comparative key, highlight the trunk volume, 317 liters, and applaud the possibility of folding the rear seat backs, and that you can put almost any furniture from IKEA. Good for the Gaydon!

Ferrari FF

We could define this model, without mistakes, like a 4x4 family and nice but short stay afraid, is that there are so many benefits of this utility you could spend hours talking about them. Without going any further, when compared with the king of the utility, the Golf, the Ferrari with its 450 liter trunk beats in!

There are so many highlights I do not know where to start, perhaps because of its panoramic roof, which allows us to run errands while we get super dark, touch the opening of the glove, or the delicate skin of book reviews. No matter where you look, where you put your eyes will find a detail that will make you smile like a child, or better yet, bring a smile to your wife.

Ferrari FF

The organization of the interior is just perfect, everything is where it is expected to be, and that family ergonomics of this off-road has been studied to the millimeter, two seats in front and two behind perfectly aligned and form a perfect ring. The steering wheel, well chubby so that hands do not get tired when you make long trips, and is multifunctional, integrating the start button, the Manettino, turn signals, high beams, suspension control and wipers. Behind him, oversized paddles fixed to the steering column hide. The revolution has chaired the picture, it weighed 10,000 rpm, very big so you do not have to search for reading glasses. And for children? two DVD screens mounted in the headrests of the front seats that come with a wireless headset and the complete collection of Disney on Blu-Ray.

Despite such practicality, the FF has nods to his past in the racing world as a speed limiter for pit-lane with lights or a strip of LEDs at the top of the wheel, light progressively as we approach the injection cut very helpful in making efficient driving and that tells you when to shift gears.

And so that our companions do not get bored, they have installed an attractive front passenger screen showing speed, selected gear and engine turns at every moment. These are small details that show that is not just a family car, it is also an entertainment center.

The propulsion unit is characterized by having the same number of cylinders dwarfs in Snow White was another sign that Ferrari has done all the design and engineering with families in mind. With 6,262 cm3 and 660 hp, this engine will let you do real mischief in Hipercor ramps, and that you will no longer make a run for upload.

Ferrari FF

The design, commissioned such a Pininfarina, it looks spectacular. A coupe-shootingbrake nearly five meters long, with an extremely elongated nose to accommodate the V12, a front light reminiscent of the F12 or an aggressive rear diffuser to generate downforce, flanked by two prominent tailpipes each side help keep the floor clean of litter on our way.

This is like a big car reversible tracksuit sporty and practical, as it adapts to the needs of driving at all times. So, in Manettino, we can choose between five operating modes: Ice, Wet, Comfort, Sport and ESC Off, and that explain the missus the traducirás as “Ideal for the ski resort”, “When falls chirimiri” “for shopping”, “to not be late” and “God will take confessed”.

Ferrari FF

With each, the unit adapts engine response through touch of the accelerator, the hardness of the suspension or the rate of change of double clutch. Thus, when road conditions are slippery with ice and Wet, limiting engine performance and behaves so soft and delicate, like a Silk-Epil, Comfort mode would be ideal for city driving, and if shines the sun, you woke up inspired and have no one to yell at you from the front passenger seat, you can connect the Sport mode which activates the car dishevel E-Diff electronic differential and.

The feeling of stepping on the accelerator in this family, is similar to that experienced by an astronaut when his space shuttle is launched into space, crushes you against the seat and leaves you breathless. The engine roar bristling like hairs stimulating hair growth, so your wife will be happy with the result, and you with treatment. And if you have to stop the car, no problem, carbocerámicos brakes bite so that could get you the tonsils through the mouth.

The adaptive damping suspension third generation (SCM3) acts by magnetic fields, such as refrigerator magnets, regulating the damping forces in every moment and adapt to the state of asphalt.

Ferrari FF

In normal driving, the FF is driven by rear wheel drive and only when it detects a loss of traction, sends power to a second box with two clutches (OCT) on the front axle to correct the path, sending the necessary force to each wheel independently. The AWD system called 4RM, Ferrari patented and only weighs 45 kg, only acts when driving in lower gears where it is more likely to have loss of traction, but from fourth only acts rear wheel drive.

In short, if like me, you’re looking for is a safe family, you can use the countryside and packed gadget, you would not think twice because only 300,000 € you will remove the hands.

Finally, I can only wish you that you have made this comparison reflect on the importance of family, and enlighten you on the path of sacrifice. It’s time to grow up, to take responsibility and to think about all the people you, your children. Needless to add, I hope I haberos served as an example. Now I’m running with my wife to show her the post, it is sure to be stunned by my dedication and selflessness.

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